Freddie G Tha General

Most of us spend a good portion of Childhood realizing our potential only to meet the world and lose sight of our aspirations. Society is infested with Dream-Killing energy spread by social parasites ultimately causing us to settle for Mediocrity. Many gifted minds will abort their visions and ultimately assimilate to inferiority. Even those charged with the responsibility of enrichment will misinterpret our energy and sabotage us with stigma.

That was the experience for a Teenage Freddie Ewing. Freddie, an outgoing spirit with a charming personality and electrifying vigor, could’ve been a creative casualty. Fortunately, he was blessed by a close and loving family who would protect him from being average. His cousin Turquoise (Turk) Taylor would become more like a brother who always challenged Freddie to reach greatness.

Freddie would go on to receive his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from Ball State University.  It was during his collegiate journey Freddie would cross paths with a group of fellow-artists ultimately igniting his creativity as a musical Artist, during which he released a multitude of music to receptive audiences. A hiatus from music and into Corporate America would have Freddie uninspired and eventually “F.E.D Up” with Average. Devastated by the untimely transition of his cousin Turquoise, Freddie would make his return to Creativeness motivated by Turk’s words ”Stop waiting and pull the trigger”.

Enter “F.E.D Up Entertainment” a conglomerate of Tasteful Amusement, Music and Apparel influenced by and for the Culture. F.E.D Up will service Artists from Production to Creative direction while manufacturing and distributing Premium Apparel and other goods.